CCMP Builds on the Legacy of Stephen Murray

The sudden loss of leadership has felled many a company, big or small. When the CEO of CCMP suddenly passed away following a short illness in 2015, many wondered who would step up and what it would mean for the company. The late Stephen Murray had been a company founder who had steered the organization to tremendous success. He had a reputation as a savvy businessman and he was an admired philanthropist in his off time. Filling his shoes was no mean feat, and there were a lot of questions as to whether CCMP would be on the decline.

Stephen Murray had been the president and CEO of CCMP from 2006 up until his passing at the young age of just 52. Murray has been with the company in all of its various incarnations and forms for decades, spanning all the way back to 1989 when the company was known as Chase Capital Partners. He helped steer CCMP to huge success, making it one of the biggest private equity firms in the world.

Murray according to institutionalinvestor served on the board of a host of major companies, including AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods and Generac Power Systems. As a philanthropist and humanitarian, he was a member of the chairman’s council of the Make a Wish Foundation in New York, and he was a major supporter of the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

It was Greg Brenneman who succeeded Steve Murray, becoming president and CEO of CCMP. Brenneman had previously been the CEO of companies like Quizno’s Sub and Burger King. At Burger King he had major success, helping to increase profits, generate award-winning ads and improving customer service. He had helped Burger King, not McDonald’s, score a lucrative tie-in with Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith.

CCMP is a massive organization. Typically, they invest up to $500 million of equity per transaction. They focus on companies in the industrial, health care, retail and energy sectors. CCMP has invested in a host of major companies, including Quizno’s, The Tennis Channel, Triad Hospitaks and Warner Chilcott.

They recently acquired Shoes for Crews, the leading maker of slip-resistant footwear in the world. CCMP also bought Milacron Holdings, which makes plastic processing systems, and helped it grow into a billion dollar business.

CCMP was able to smoothly transition to Brenneman’s style of leadership despite a lot of questions and complications. The contributions of Stephen Murray will always loom large over the company, and he will be honored by all who worked with or knew him.

An Overview of Top Three Most Innovative Companies in the World

The world has advanced more in technology since the World War II than probably in the rest of its existences. Although the technology is an evolvement of discoveries dating back several centuries, many agree the change is enormous. In education, behavior and lifestyle, the human has become masters because of technology. Flavio Maluf takes note on the most innovative companies in the world. The Eucatex president elaborates on the list released by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

In an article published on his website, Flavio notes that the most intelligent companies were from energy, biotechnology, genetic treatment, communication, the internet and digital media. The companies stood out in the use of technology in environmental awareness, treating diseases and innovation to improve efficiency. Tesla Motors ranked first in the list of the most innovative companies in 2015. According to Flavio, the company is the manufacture of lithium batteries.

The Tesla Company was founded in 2003 and specializes in producing a high performance electric automobile. The company has expanded its technology in electric vehicles for commercial and residential use. The company has increased production to meet the demand for lithium batteries. It plans to invest over $15 billion by adding a new industry in Nevada.

The Xiaomi Company in China took the second position. The company was launched in 2010 and is the largest manufacturer of Smartphone in China overtaking Samsung. The Xiaomi Company has grown in less than a year to become the second largest manufacturer of wearable technology in the world.

The Illumina Company in the United States took the third position. According to Flavio, the company is a giant manufacturer of sequencing genetic code. The company has extensively expanded the use of genetic data. It plans to decode over 1.6 million genomes by the year 2017.

Flavio has excellent skills in management, customer service, automation, supply chain management, leadership, negation, strategic planning, manufacturing and training. He is the current president of Eucatex and Grand Foods.

Flavio is a master’s graduate from the University Taubate in production and technology. His academic qualifications also include a master degree in business management and mechanical engineering. He is reachable in his Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter accounts

Russia is Very Angry At George Soros

In a public statement on Russia’s government banned a charity founded by George Soros, the world-renowned hedge fund manager and democracy activist billionaire. The statement made the claim that the Open Society Foundation (OSF), which is directly supported by Mr. Soros’ contributions, is a security threat to Russia. They offered further condemnation by judging the OSF as an illegal organization that operates counter to the constitution of Russia, the foundation of the government.

Labeling the OSF as a foreign enterprise that is “undesirable” comes after many years of acceptance of the OSF by Russia. In fact, the OSF was praised for its support of Russian law and order, in the past, even by government officials. The Russians also equally blamed the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation as an enemy of Russia’s national security.

“We are confident that this move is a temporary aberration; the aspirations of the Russian people for a better future cannot be suppressed and will ultimately succeed,” stated George Soros in response to Russia’s statement.

As a wealthy philanthropist and activist, Mr. Soros has done a great deal to help Ukraine. This includes his promotion of US help to the Ukraine which resulted in the $50 million in aid from the US. His goal is to help reduce the ability for Russia to flex its muscle over the Ukraine, again. This is actually what brought on what is really Putin’s attack on George Soros by ending any help his charity could continue to give. Mr. Soros had this to say in rebuttal: “Contrary to the Russian prosecutor’s allegations, the Open Society Foundations have, for more than a quarter-century, helped to strengthen the rule of law in Russia and protect the rights of all.”

George Soros has worked hard to promote freedom of personal expression and human rights in general for many years now. The 85 year old philanthropist seems likely to leave a legacy of working to improve the education level and overall health level of people in over 70 different countries of the world.

The truth is that Russia had praised the OSF for their good works there in the past. The change comes as a personal vendetta against Mr. Soros, never mind the detrimental affect on the citizenry. Mr. Soros started the OSF in 1979 when his hedge fund had reached the $100 million dollars of worth and his personal fortune was estimated at $25 million. Before that, he awarded the poorest South Africans with education scholarships during the apartheid era. This was reported in Russia Bans George Soros.

Numbers Don’t Lie: Examining Manhattan’s Real Estate Climate

Manhattan real estate prices continue to rise, according to the latest edition of The Aggregate, the report published by most notable luxury NYC real estate on townrealestate firm, TOWN Residential. Originally reported on Virtual Strategy Marketing, the data from The Aggregate indicates the steady rise towards record level prices on various types of property in the city.

In general, the average price a property sold for in Manhattan in 2015 was %1,976,660, a 5.2% rise from the previous year. Condos were the overall leader in price increases, with 20% price gains translating to a median sale of $1,736,250. Price per square foot netted an increase of 11% from the year before. Co-ops saw an increase of about 6.4% overall and a 6.3% increase in terms of square footage.

The Aggregate and TOWN Residential credits the growing numbers of quality real estate properties for the increase in average prices and price per square foot. Perhaps being sold at lower prices, the overall number of units being sold are higher, which pushes the average price up. In Manhattan, there are 4,326 properties up for grabs, with prices ranging from under $2 million, to luxury locations going for upwards of $10 million. It is a buyer’s market, with those considering purchasing new properties feeling unwilling to break the bank to acquire them. Prices must be adjusted accordingly, a strategy which, according to the numbers reported, seems to be working in favor of the bottom line. The balance is expected to continue throughout 2016, with more properties being available to buyers at a reasonable price, and more units being sold throughout the city.

Famous South African Trial of Oscar Pistorius

Brenda Wardle is a South African who serves as Chief Operations Officer at Wardle College of Law. She is also a well known legal analyst who has provided input both in South Africa as well as abroad.

Wardle has numerous law degrees and is currently working towards a Doctor of Laws Degree through the University of South Africa. She has published numerous articles on a wide range of legal topics including Section 100 Interventions, presidential pardons, the State’s case against the current South African President, and the murder of Eugene Terreblanche. She has also been asked to speak and give interviews for major media outlets like Arise News Networks, London, Channel 5 UK, and CCTV News Channel. She has spoken about many legal matters and trials as they take place and her valued opinions and knowledge has made her a hot commodity in the industry. She also spoke and wrote a book about the Oscar Pistorius trial.

The Pistorius trial took place in 2014 when the state charged Oscar Pistorius with the murder of his model girlfriend, Steenkamp. One evening, Pistorius shot Steenkamp in their home, claiming he believed she was an intruder. Pistorius was a runner who competed in high level athletic events including the Paralympic Games and the 2012 Summer Olympics. In March 2014 the trial began where Pistorius faced numerous charges including illegal possession of ammunition, tow charges of firing a gun in a public space, and a murder charge.

Due to abolishment of apartheid, there is no jury in South African trials, but rather the decision comes from a judge and two assessors. After months of witness testimony, evidence and discussion, the verdict was arrived at unanimously by the judge and her assessors. The judge dismissed much of the state’s circumstantial evidence and stated that the state was unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Pistorius was guilty of premeditated murder, however, she did feel le was guilty of culpable homicide. She went on to say that Pistorius didn’t think clearly, failed to take steps to avoid Steenkamp’s death, acted too hastily and used excessive force. She found his behavior negligent and charged him with culpable homicide.

Watch Wardle’s discussion of the Pistorius Trial


The Levensons Support The Center for the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland remains a vital component of academic life for those students and faculty who are involved with it. The center would not be possible if it were not for Karen and Bruce Levenson who provided $5.6 million in funds. PR Newswire goes into great depth over the funding the Levenson’s have delivered to the university. The funding provided to the center covers quite a number of different things. In addition to the funding supporting classes, some of the money will go towards financially backing a dormitory. There are scores of costs required to run a major educational center at a university. Even a sizable one such as the University of Maryland is going to run into limitations since money reserves are finite. Thanks to the fiscal generosity of the Levensons, the center does not have to run into dire financial limitations.

Bernardo Chua and OrganoGold

In the world of hot beverages, the industry is a rather full and compacted industry. However, most of these products are not made with love or care. The products are made with inferior items and ingredients, designed more to make a larger profit instead of offering the finest quality possible. That is exactly why Bernardo Chua has aimed at traveling the world to find the very best in beverages, and he documents the experience on Twitter. Whether it is tea, coffee or a selection of another product, Bernardo Chua has made it his goal to find the best of the best and to offer the very best to customers around the world. With the help of different products, it is all about making sure the finest quality product is available to be consumed. This is why the company doesn’t believe on carrying dozens or even hundreds of products. Instead, it is all about quality, not quantity. So, for customers who are looking to receive the finest beverages available on the planet, they just need to turn to Bernardo Chua and OrganoGold.

Reviews of his brand show pretty clearly that Bernardo Chua understands that one of the hottest technologies in the world of hot beverages is a brew cup. These brew cups provide exactly the right size and amount for a single serving. It can often prove challenging to create a one cup amount of a particular beverage, and many individuals end up making far too much, which just goes to waste. To ensure customers do not waste any of their products but instead receive the very best product at a quantity they need, Bernardo Chua and OrganoGold offers up a selection of its beverages in the brew cup form.  Bernardo can also be reached on Facebook, as well as his Vimeo account where you can follow his career further.

For starters, for individuals looking to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, they can turn to Gourmet Black Gold. This is coffee made with the finest grinds available so the taste is always rich and fresh. Another coffee offering is Royal Brewed. This is made with coffee beans used by royalty around the world for its pure flavor. Of course, for those who like a bit of additional flavoring in their ow cups, they can try out the Caramel Vanilla, made with the finest beans out of South Africa. African Red, Columbian Roast and Rodeo Chai are other offerings that can be found within the brew cup lineup of products from Bernardo Chua and OrganoGold. It again is all about quality of the drink, so customers can enjoy the finest options around.

Jamie Garcia Dias Leading Brazil Into The World Of Great Writing

Jamie Garcia Dias is a writer from Brazil. Wikipedia shows that he is the son of a successful writer and journalist, Arnaldo Dias, and with his father’s help Jamie began writing at the age of fifteen.

Jamie Garcia Dias was lucky that his father had many books for him to read and study, and a lot of credit for where he is now goes to that, as he says on his blog. He entered the University of Rio de Janeiro at eighteen and began to study literature.

After graduation in 1993 Dias joined the Carioca Literature Academy where he remained as a teacher for five years.

At this time he has published ten books and was awarded the White Crane, a prize awarded to the best new authors in Brazil.

In addition to his success as a painter, he was elected vice president of the Carioca Literature Academy and ultimately became its president in 2007. Since his appointment as president, the Carioca Literature Academy has become the home of journalistic literature in all of Brazil.

Dias has published twenty books, five of which have received awards. His works include, Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds, and Tiny.

Jamie Garcia Dias remains, today, one of the leading writers of fiction in Brazil. Dias needs a special commendation for writing in a language which only ranks as the sixth most popularly spoken language on the planet. The Spanish language has many more native speakers and is a more popular language for great writers in fiction and non-fiction. Great names like, Mario Garcia Llosa, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabelle Allende and Ernesto Che Gueverra, represent a pantheon of latin writers who have produced iconic works, writing for a much larger audience than those in Brazil speaking Portuguese.

Writing is both an art and a science, and requires a long study of human nature, fueled by the gifts of invention and imagination, Dias says so frequently on Twitter. When anyone writes for a limited audience, they must custom fit the story to those spoken to. While universal truths are applied universally. We are fortunate to speak the English language, because of the quality and variety of written and spoken words, which have flowered our very existence as a culture.

When we examine a writer working in, for us, an obscure language, which is subjected to uneven and usually bad translation; we can only marvel at their artistic accomplishments.  Jaime is also well known for providing financial and investment tips as well.  Including providing information about finances, and managing your accounts for best personal gain.