The New Coriant Leader

Coriant is a relatively new company that first launched with the Coriant name in March of 2013. The company broke free from Nokia Siemens Networks. Due to the tech basis of the company, it wanted to bring in a professional who could manage the business and take it to a higher level. As a newer player in the tech industry, it realized it needed to bring in not only someone with a tech background, but someone with experience running a company as well. That came to pass with the hiring of new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir.

The company first started off within Siemen’s Transmission Technology department out of Munich, Germany. The company went on to evolve over the next 15 years or so in order to create optical transport networking material. Eventually, the company spun off on its own and became what it is today.

Shaygan Kheradpir decided to move on to this company have a long career working in the tech industry. He started out managing a department in an Internet and phone company. This company went on to merge with another and form Verizon. He went on from here and sat on the board of directors with Barclays and then went on to work as the new CEO of Coriant.

Having a strong CEO is extremely important, especially when it comes to heading off a rather new company. While Coriant has been around for a good amount of time, it has never been on its own financially. It has always been part of another company. So, in the initial years of any business moving on its own, it needs to have a strong leader, which is exactly what the new Coriant leader is able to provide.

Coriant and the new CEO Shaygan sell both software and hardware for optical transmission equipment using the Backbone network of data, voice and mobile networking. This is most often used through fiber optical cable connections, which does provide a much faster connection than what is found through a more traditional copper wire connection. Fiber optics uses strand of either clear plastic or glass to transmit information.

A Look at Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management on 24/12/2015 filed its quarterly 13F.The SEC filing showed that the hedge fund has a portfolio value of $3.43 billion. Compared to the previous quarter that was $4.91 billion this is a decrease of $1.48 billion. Around 22.81% of Highland Capital Management LP Assets that are listed in the US are shown by the filling.


Highland Capital Management top new buys for the quarter are:

SPY-SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR for $67.07 million

Amazon com Inc. for $ 23.35 million

Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc. for $17.73 million

Danaher Corp Del for $17.24 million

Intra Cellular Therapies Inc. for $15.90 million

Hedge fund bought 69 new stocks.



Hedge fund increased its stakes in the following places:

American Airls Group Inc. to $204.25million

Patterson Companies Inc. $ 87.91million

Kinder Morgan Inc. Del $5.38million

Corning Inc. 54.86million

Small stakes acquired include:

Salesforce Com Inc.$145.22million

Burlington Stores Inc.$35.57 million

Ldr Hldg Corp $37.95 million

Many investors use the strategy of build positions gradually.



The following stocks were disposed from Highland Management Capital, due to value, momentum or better place for its capital.

Percentage in portfolio

Spdr Series Trust 5.63%

Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd 0 .81%

Mckesson Corp 0.56%

Envision Healthcare Holdings In 0.47%

Laboratory Corp Amer Hldgs 0.43%



Highland Management Capital slashed Its position in:

IShares Tr -52.05%

American Airls Group Inc. -56.11%

American Express Co -17.54%

Anadarko Pete Corp – 76.75%

Nrg Energy Inc. -20.76%

Highland Management Capital portfolio majority are AAL, CRM and IWM they constituted 13.54% of the company’s securities.



IT sector was up from 16% to 18%, fund has 12% securities in the energy sector. Health and finance sectors were slashed by 20% and 38% respectively.



Healthcare 686.07

Finance 617.47

Energy 411.64

Consumer discretionary 343.04

Transports 274.43

Utilities and telecommunications 137.21

Materials 34.30

Services 34.30



James Dondero lives in Dallas. Jim is the president and co-founder of Highland Management Capital. He has experience of 30 years and above of equity markets and credits. Jim is the Chairman of Cornerstone health care, Nexbank, CCS Medical. Jim is also a board member of MGM studios and American Banknote.

James is a philanthropist he supports education, public policy and veteran affairs initiatives. He graduated from the University of Virginia with highest honors from McEntire commerce school, with both majors in commerce and finance.

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New York Becoming Easier To Access

With New York City being one of the biggest home living destinations for people around the world, it can tend to get crowded. The city has long been filled with residents and it has been hard for newcomers to find a home in the city without having to worry about paying a huge price or sacrificing things that they need in a home environment or an apartment. This has been because of inflation in the city as well as a lack of space because there are too many people and not enough living buildings for people who want to come to the city. This is all about to change.

Finding great real estate in New York City Apartments for ren t is all about using the best real estate agent. People who use a great real estate firm will be able to see all of the options that they have when it comes to the way that they are looking for a home. They are also able to see everything in the way of options when it comes to the type of home they are looking for. Town Residential is a real estate company that gives all of its clients the options that they desire for a home.

The New York Times article highlights the ways that New York real estate is changing. In the recent years, the city has become easier to access and it is becoming cheaper to find a home in New York City. Whether you are looking in Manhattan or any of the other boroughs, you will be able to find many different options that are affordable for nearly anyone who wants to live in the city. By finding out about the record-breaking deals in the city, you are giving yourself a chance to see everything that it has to offer.

Town Residential will be there for every step of the record-breaking and new record-making prices and available living options in New York City. The company makes sure that they are able to give their clients the best of all worlds when it comes to their living arrangements. While the company is based in Manhattan, they are able to provide their services to the people who want to live on other boroughs. The company guarantees that they will be able to find their clients at least a little bit of everything that they want in their home or New York apartment.

Beneful: Continuing a Trend of Excellent Canine Nutrition

As a new dog owner, I have tried to research the best nutrition for my pet. I admit that I felt nauseated when have seen and smelled some of the brown goo that comes out of most commercial dog food cans. I also question myself when I try to read some of the ingredients that are listed. Some of them, I cannot even pronounce. Recently, I read an online article from that highlights some forward-thinking dog food companies. One of the companies mentioned was Freshpet, Inc. As the reporter was touring the plant, he talked with the CEO, Richard Thompson.

The wikipedia article goes on to say that even though using fresh proteins and vegetables are not a new concept in canine food, there are several companies that are listening to what dog owners like me have to say and are creating blends that are as visually appealing and tasty as they are nutritious. I was pleased to find my choice of dog food mentioned in the article. Purina Dog Food has been experts in dog nutrition for decades.

There Beneful brand has special blends for all the stages of my dog’s life. Instead of big blobs of mystery ingredients, Beneful has whole proteins like beef, salmon and chicken. These are combined with wholesome veggies like spinach, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots. My dog loves the scrumptious kibble and licks his bowl clean every time. Beneful also comes in wet food varieties with whole pieces of meat, vegetables and fruits that I can actually see. It is all blended in a savory gravy that is healthy and delicious. The article says that the trend for premier dog food is here to stay. I am glad that I chose Beneful for all my dog’s nutritional needs. It is a choice that he and I both love!

Treating Pets the Right Way

Beneful products help over 15 million canines maintain a healthy diet each year. Their dog food and treats are filled with health-beneficial ingredients that undergo extensive testing for safety and quality. Offering health-conscientious owners numerous protein-rich options for their furry family members, Beneful provides canines with the nutrient-full choices they need to live life to the fullest. For the fun-loving pup, the adult dog, or any age in between, the Beneful brand from Petco caters to any age group or dietary need.
Four Dog Treats that Canines Love
•Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges
•Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists
•Beneful Baked Delights Hugs
•Beneful Baked Delights Stars
Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges- Pets need their teeth to be healthy just like their human counterparts. Reducing plaque, getting rid of nasty tartar build-up and freshening breath are just a few of the many benefits the Dental Ridges treats offer canines. With a touch of parsley and a meaty center, dogs can’t get enough. Promoting healthy canine grins and owner satisfaction, the Healthy Smile Dental Ridges strengthen bones and make smiles glisten.
Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists- To keep dogs interested and intrigued Beneful offers on Facebook this “twist” on dental health. With a fun and twisty shape filled with a peanut butter flavor and a penchant for supporting teeth health, the Healthy Smile Dental Twists receive rave reviews from owners and their pets. The parsley flavor rounds off the treat with just the right hint of freshness.
Beneful Baked Delights Hugs- Beefy and cheesy, the Baked Delights Hugs satisfy the meat-lover cravings in every canine. Crunchy on the outside with a soft center in the middle, they make for a luscious and engaging snack. Hugs are high in protein and full of flavor. Offering a savory hug with every bite, Hugs are a baked delight quite a few dogs are barking about.
Beneful Baked Delights Stars- These bacon and cheese star-shaped shortbread treats are irresistible to dogs, big or small. Pet owners say Baked Delights Stars leave their furry family members begging for more. Moist and bursting with rich taste, canines delight in the crunchy treat.

About Kevin Seawright’s Firm Belief In Financial Leadership And His Latest

Kevin Seawright is a busy man as CrunchBase indicates. He is the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, having just been appointed recently. He has led a very interesting life especially in his work life spanning in both private and public sectors. He made a debut in his financial career when he got employed in a government position in Maryland. After working for eleven years in the financial management position, he made a move to join the private sector as a financial management expert.

Throughout his career, he has been devoted to helping urban cities grow and change the lives of all city residents. He has always been willing to adapt to difficult situations so as to be in a position to come up with creative solutions. His positive attitude and adaptation have been some of the most influential factors to his many wins in financial management so far.

He was introduced to matters financial management at an early age and at only 12 years, he was working in youth programs that used to change lives in Philadelphia city. Because of his commitment and diligence, he was inspired to continue making changes in the lives of both children and adults in Newark, Philadelphia and Baltimore cities. He is a strong believer that his contributions in matters related to community development are as a result of the way he was brought up and considers his parents his biggest role models.

He is also a firm believer that formal college education is a great training and touching tool and says that he has benefited from both formal and online education a great deal. He is open to any kind of education that helps one to be productive and continue performing well at work.

His efforts at community development do not go unnoticed. Recently, he was appointed by the University of Notre-Dame for successfully being able to complete the second phase of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program. Completing this program is the latest step in his path to continuing education as well as development in his role at Newark.

He recognizes the fact that he has always known the importance of being active in participating in public, government and community education programs and says that when one participates in them, he is on the path of becoming even more empowered to impact more in society development.

His latest finished program was set so as to help those in business and community leadership positions to keep up with the ever competitive landscape of the current nonprofit sectors. Kevin was able to complete the program with a special certificate that was only awarded to those that excelled in the course. For not less than 13 years, he has been very instrumental in leading private and public sectors in matters related to financial management.  Follow Kevin on Twitter if you’d like to keep informed of Kevin’s career and accomplishments.

A Great Attorney And Financial Strategist

Sam Tabar is an attorney. He has a lot of experience in law as well as being a financial strategist. He is currently working in New York City. Here is some great information about Sam.

Sam Tabar has a lot of schooling and his CrunchBase page reflects as much. He went to Oxford University. At this school he graduated with high honors. After attending Oxford he went to Columbia Law School. Here he studied law. He was a part of many different side projects at this school. One of these was being the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

After college he got a job working as an attorney. The first firm he worked for was located in New York and was Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager and Flom LLP. During his time working for this company he performed many tasks. This included talking to clients about their hedge funds, job issues that they had, and other investment tasks. He worked for this company three years from 2001 until 2004.

In 2004, LinkedIn shows that he left his job to work for a finance company called PMA Investment Advisers. This company is based out of Hong Kong. His job title was Head of Business Development and Managing Director. He worked with really wealthy clients including working on a two billion dollar hedge fund for one of them.

After many years of working for a finance company he decided to go back to working for a law company in 2013. He started working for Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. Here he currently has the title of Senior Associate. His primary job here is to manage hedge funds.

Sam has many different interests that he lists on his website that is located at He really loves to host events. He also has a love for traveling.  He even provides free financial advice online sometimes.

Tabar knows a lot of different languages. Some of these he can speak and write while others he can only speak. He can fluently speak Japanese. He can speak and write both English and French.

Tabar has a long history of great successes. He has worked for both financial and law companies. He has experience working as an attorney as well as advising people about their hedge fund accounts.

Assisted Living Makes Living Easy

When living at home is too much work that’s the time to look into Assisted Living. This type of living arrangement allows you to have independence without the upkeep that comes with home ownership.

Modern day Assisted Living facilities are like a college campus for older adults. You are guaranteed to find people with the same interests as yours; who are also looking for entertainment and socialization. What is even better is housekeeping is available for so you do not have to be burdened with cleaning responsibilities. Hair salons are also housed within the complex making planning your routine easy and convenient.

An example of a leading Assisted Living facility is The Manse on Marsh. Senior Advisor said their campus feels as if you are living in a luxury hotel, yet it is home to hundreds of residents. One of the features that make the Manse on Marsh feel like a fancy resort is the chefs who cook meals for this facility. Meals here are not just meat and potatoes. Your meal will be plated to look like a 5 star restaurant; they are also served by waitresses and waiters.

The other feature that makes The Manse on Marsh a notable facility is the activities they host, a big plus when A Place For Mom reviewed them earlier this year. Dance parties, Bingo, trivia games, movies, card club, yoga, baking and more are offered at this facility. They also schedule outings within the community for a change of scenery. The staff is friendly, and they carefully choose their employees, and they take a genuine interest in all the residents who live here. There is a definite feeling of family between the staff and residents. That is what makes the Manse on Marsh feel like home.

Assisted Living is a popular choice for older adults who no longer wish to deal with the stress of caring for a home and yard. Assisted Living offers the freedom of having your own private, personal space without the responsibility that comes with home ownership. If you are ready to live stress-free contact an Assisted Living facility today.