Coriant’s Leading CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is an independent telecommunications corporation. The company launched in 2013 and most recently announced that Shaygan Kheradpir as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman. Coriant is a global organization that sells hardware and software for optical transmission in an array of networks. This high-end company needs a high-end executive to lead them to success and Mr. Kheradpir is just the person to do that. His passion and expertise cannot go unnoticed. He is a great leader for companies and innovation in the field.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, raised in Iran, and is a United States citizen. Mr. Kheradpir relocated to the United States for his education. He attended Cornell University. He earned his bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, as well as a Doctoral degree in electrical engineering while at Cornell. He is a business professional and technology executive. He holds expertise in business management, strategies to assist in cost-cutting initiatives, as well as product development. Mr. Kheradpir not only excels in his professional career but he also gives back to the community. He has previously served as a member on a board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology, specifically on the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology. He is a member of the Cornell University’s Engineering Council. Mr. Kheradpir has also brought his expertise as sitting on the Advisory Board for the YMCA in the greater New York area. His passion and expertise make him an asset to the industry.

Before his current Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, he held positions with Verizon, GTE, Juniper Networks as well as Barclays. Beginning 1987, Mr. Kheradpir began working at GTE Laboratories and worked his way up the ladder, eventually becoming the CEO of GTE Corporation. After GTE merged with Verizon Communications and Bell Atlantic, he served as the president of Verizon’s e-business division and ultimately became the corporation’s first CIO/CTO. In 2011, he joined Barclays as the Chief Operations Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank division and was later promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer. After Barclays, Mr. Kheradpir brought his knowledge and skills as the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks before beginning his service at Coriant. Mr. Kheradpir brings with him nearly thirty years of experience and success.

Will Brad Reifler Change Wall Street By Serving A New Kind Of Customer?

The Wall Street consumers hear about on the news is driven by massive corporations, wealthy investors and investment banks. Nearly every investor who makes a difference on Wall Street is a millionaire, and qualified investors are those making upwards of $200,000 a year. The average American would love nothing more than to make that much money every year, but the reality is much different. CrunchBase shows that CEO Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital have a plan to change the way investment is done on Wall Street. There is just one fund today, but the new income trust fund from Forefront Capital will serve people who have incomes lower than those common on Wall Street.

#1: Why A New Fund?

This new fund will take more time to capitalize, and the fund will have a different target value. Brad hopes to build the fund into something that any American can invest in, and he is welcoming anyone regardless of their level of income.  His experience with the concept of diversifying your portfolio, and investing intelligently will lead this firm to success.

#2: How Will Brad Offer Customer Service?

Brad understands that customers around America get poor customer service from investment banks every day, and he has changed the way his company functions. All customer service interactions are aimed at the middle class, and his team has been trained to work with people who are investing small amounts of money in the Forefront Capital income trust. This change is the first on Wall Street, but it may not be the last.

Wall Street will not change its ways until someone takes a chance on small investors, and Brad Reifler has taken such a chance.

Kyle Bass and The Media

Kyle Bass, leader of Dallas-based hedge-fund business Hayman Capital Management, grew to power in 2007 after taking charge of the handful of investors to look our for and predict the U.S. financial crisis results before hand, and to gain revenue from it by betting against the expected mortgage outcome. He actually guessed right predicting Japan’s banking problems and financial problems after a short period of time, and now he’s predicting China is next to have a similar outcome.

Bass has shared some explanations as to what the result of China’s impending banking crisis ends up as, however far worse problems than the U.S. crisis in terms of amount of assets sent out as risk, will create a smaller impact on the worldwide economic status. He also shared why the hedge fund business is feeling less remorse than it has in the past. Times are tough and you have to learn how to move on and forget past mistakes. The economy won’t just wait around.

Kyle Bass claims that foreign monetary reserves aren’t China’s only storage space and access point for capital. Additionally they can sell their bonds and they can always just print more money. When you actually stop for a second and consider their reserve pile, and investor solace that they control so much money under their procession such as $3.5 trillion fund for bad weather that they protect from any bad storm. The whole idea is that their banking system used to be 41 trillion RMB just eight years ago and now the growth is at 184 trillion RMB. They have just over $30 trillion of assets just laying around in their banking system waiting to be used. Their overall economic status sits at $10 million.

Now during the process of the United States entering the financial crisis, the US banking system sat at 100% of GDP, holding just over $15 trillion of assets recorded on the balance sheet. As a country we had $1 trillion of equity, meaning lots of leverage options. Loan losses were at a low 7%. Compared to the United States, China has three times its GDP in bank assets.

Bass who funded the Hayman Capital Fund Management organization made his early fame and fortune on predicting headline mortgage crises. For a while he was considered a genius with a magic touch. It seemed like there was no way that he could be wrong about anything.

Then time went went on… and the desperate gambler was exposed…it certainly was not good to him. All of his magic went down the drain and his headline popularity was dropping. Bass has in some cases ripped of his own people. The event that really killed his was the uncalled for confrontation with general motors. He decided to go on TV and shift the blame for deaths related to seat belts on the passengers. He claimed there were all drunk or just decided to not wear seat belts.

Highland Capital Scoops the US HFM Hedge Fund Award

Highland Capital Management Company has won the HFM Hedge performance award in the category of the ’40 Act Fund Equity’. In his acceptance speech after receiving the awards, the CEO of the company, Jim Dondero applauded the vast expertise of the head of short and long Healthcare fund, Michael Gregory and his team. He stated that the award was a living testimony to the highly qualified staff in the Highland company.The Dallas-based company together with its affiliates manages over $20 billion worth assets.

The US HFM Hedge Fund Awards recognizes outstanding performances in hedge funds, ’40 Act funds and funds of funds in qualitative and quantitative factors. The panel of judges analyzed the managers’ pedigree, their reputation with the investors’ funds and their overall performance data over a certain period. Besides being the president and director of Highland Healthcare Equity and Credit funds, Mr. Michael also heads the short/long healthcare fund. The fund is the largest investment sector by Highland with over $3 billion assets under its management. It has professional team of eleven healthcare specialists with vast industry experience. Mr. Jim added that the award is an indicator of the tremendous successful investments and risk management infrastructure in Highland, and the credit goes to the hard work of the professionals.
The short/long healthcare fund combines efficient risk management with generating potential public equity investments across all market in the healthcare sector. The award comes hand-in hand following the appointment of a new president in the department of institutional products. The management of Highland through the approval of its affiliates appointed Terry Jones. Mr. Jones has been very instrumental in optimizing the infrastructural risks of the company in relation to mitigation and assessment of applicable risks.
James Dondero together with Mark Okada co-founded the Highland Management Capital. Mr. Jim is the current CEO of the company. He specialized in accounting and finance in his degree of commerce from Virginia university school of business. He is an accredited chartered analyst designator. He developed the Collateral Loan Obligation.He seats in various boards of directors including NexBank, American Banknote, and MGM Studios. Follow him on here for daily updates on the investment world.