How Serge Belamant Brought Net1 Technologies to the World

After being employed for many years, Serge Belamant decided to go it alone and start his own company. It is in this period that he founded Net1 Technologies. The company was built around a single aspect of Funds Transfer System (FTS). In fact, Serge had made his name in the funds transfer, which is an apparent reason as to why he chose to continue with innovating systems that would be used in transferring money with ease.

Serge Belamant struggled to make his company relevant in the industry and used much of his resources, energy and time trying to convince banks to use his Universal Electronic Payment System, otherwise known as UEPS. Like other startup companies, Net1 Technologies struggled to get a grip of the industry and, in most cases, was operating at lower ends. This means that the company was finding it hard to sustain itself in an industry that was not responsive to technological changes. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

However, the fortunes of Net1 Technologies would drastically change when Visa, which is an international money transfer company, hired Serge Belamant, through his company, to create a new fund transfer system, which would be based on his Universal Electronic Payment System. Serge worked for this project when in the United States where he was able to access all the technology he needed. The system he developed is currently being used by Visa to prevent fraud and misuse of credit card.

The success of Visa project gives the limelight to Net1 Technologies where it becomes a global company that can be consulted fr financial and payment systems. Net1 Technologies was also listed in Johannesburg Securities Exchange, which is a clear indication that the company had grown to be accepted at the highest financial echelons.

Within the next few years, Net1 Technologies had established itself as one of the leading technology company in South Africa. The company bought Cash Payment Services, which was a system that was used to pay grants and owned by the First National Bank of South Africa. The acquisition of another payment option gave Serge Belamant the push he needed to be recognized as an expert in the financial industry where he was nicknamed the Henry Ford of IT sector. Learn more:


Article Title: Career life of Bhanu Choudhrie

Article Text:

Bhanu Choudhrie is the director of the famous C&C Alpha Group. The private equity fund company majorly specializes in helping investment ventures that have been operating for more than 30 years. The venture is one of the largest ones that is based in the United Kingdom. His family is known to be a wealthy one and this formed the basis for his major successes today. Being close to his father, he has continued to learn a lot, and he believes that most skills he holds in the business area as a result of the insights that his father continues to give him. Read more on

Bhanu Choudhrie has continued to be on the limelight for the significant developments he has brought in the field of entrepreneurship. He is known for his dynamic nature. He always strives to adopt change because he believes in it. According to his advocations, change is inevitable when it comes to running a business due to the impact that technology continues to bring. He believes that change positively impacts business as long as a business owner is fully prepared to try out new things. His firm continues to change many lives through the strategies that his employees share with their customers on how they can grow their businesses. Besides, the employees are always on the know about emerging trends in the market, and this knowledge enables them to alert their customers on the best opportunities that they can seize to bring out the best in their ventures.

On the other hand, Bhanu Choudhrie is known for the confidence he exercises in the running of his venture. He believes that leadership is a challenging journey and without courage, it gets easy to give up. He has continued to stay strong in every situation that he goes through and his admirable traits have played a key role in helping him achieve great things in his career. He is also a believer in the impact of empowering his employees. Bhanu Choudhrie always ensures that he motivates them so that they can continue to do their best for the sake of the successes and development of the C&C Alpha Group. Visit

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Know All These 10 Email Etiquettes When Pitching a Business Press Release to Prevent Rejection

Are you aware that many e-mails manage journalists out of PR specialists and also business owners are disposed in the trash container? Simply a few emails, get the journalist’s emphasis from the almost 100 letters they get regular.  Buy reddit accounts

Journalists start an email pitch because of these reasons:

It’s excellent from up the headline to the finish.

It’s poorly written.

It’s filled with mistakes.

In instance you’ve been pitching for a long time, you might do glitch that’s restricting your opportunity of obtaining a plan. Below are email etiquette which every marketing professional as well as PR professional should follow to avoid the ejection button.

1. The speech the reporter with their title.

Do not call them Ma’am or Sir. Starting the email with Ma’am or Sir demonstrates you did refrain your homework regarding your intended reporter.

It is extremely improper that you do not even understand the reporter you’re pitching. Reporters are thrilled when they see your pitch while covering them utilizing their name.

If you’re dealing with somebody with a hard-to-spell name, then make certain that you check it several times before sending. There is no explanation for publishing your pitch right into Belle, which should be Bell, or Tonie, which should certainly be Tony.

2. Do not include accessories.

Reporters are not pleased to start an email with zoomed records.

Attachments are at risk to viruses. Must you need to send out a huge record, give a hyperlink to it. When it’s short, it is feasible to replicate paste it. Do not attempt to attempt it if you do not want to obtain restricted by your designated publication.

3. Do not forget a great subject line.

One common mistake by marketing professionals and Public Relations folks is sending a pitch without any subject line. The majority of press reporters are explicitly utilizing the subject line along with the headline.

If you do not have any topic line, you shed the chance to get a promotion. Additionally, it is a way to inform you don’t have a peak to speak about, so why do they care?

The subject line notifies what the e-mail is about. You could suggest the term”press release” inside to notify the press reporter which you are sending out a media release as opposed to any type of marketing or spam product.

4. Never ever onward a pitch.

Reporters are not satisfied getting a pitch that’s supplied to them. It is a noticeable sign of negligence and disrespect. If you can refrain it the suitable way, you not pitch in any type of way.

5. Do deficient.

A media release is a better-composed quick. No journalists delight in to see a discharge with over 500 words.

Reporters do not have a good deal of time to review the extended pitch. Keep in mind that you’re helping them with their job need to you create it short.

6. Have a networking get in touch with.

Among one of the most ignored aspects of discharge is the media get in touch with.

Possessing a touch allows the reporters that want to know more concerning your narrative to call you to adhere to up or request added brand name resources. Do not neglect to include your location code of this get in touch with number. They will not waste their time to get in touch with you.

7. Abide by some requests.

When a press reporter asks you to eliminate them from the very own email listing, please do this. They may not be your objective reporter, or else they are not covering tales listed below your specialty. Update your listing.

8. Do not flooding a journalist’s song.

If you do not get a reply following your initial pitch, after that you can follow up after a couple of days. Do not pester the inbox of your desired author with comply with up e-mails. They are not pleased with this. Doing so might result in sending out one to their scrap folder.

9. Do not reveal your supply checklist.

They are not happy to find the titles of various reporters that you are targeting.

They do not desire to understand how many press reporters may currently have actually composed your very own tale.

10. Have an appropriate e-mail address.

Do not use totally free email support.

If you ‘d like your company to develop, buy an amazing e-mail address.

You may also visit for more details.

Rebel Wilson’s Amazing Birthday Celebrations

Rebel Wilson grew up in Sydney, Australia with her brother and sister under the care of both their parents. Rebel is a very humble, courageous and self- confident individual. She is also humorous and wit full; these two traits have seen her through her career. She has used her humorous nature over the years to the maximum in acting several films.

Being from Australia, most individuals never expected her to be comedic rather dramatic, but she managed to show people that she is a lot more. Her unique character and fantastic sense of humor have landed her several acting posts.

Rebel Wilson has starred in various movies and series since she entered the acting industry but, she is famously recognized as Fat Amy, a role she played in Pitch Perfect. Rebel Wilson is not only an actress but also a writer and producer; most of the films that she has starred in are produced, directed and written by her.

Rebel Wilson started her acting career in Australia where Rebel became famous after a short while. Rebel later moved to Hollywood to further her acting career where she began acting with William Morris Endeavor. Rebel made it in Hollywood at a fast rate due to her comedic nature and outstanding character.

Rebel Wilson’s motivation to join the filming industry arose after an incident that occurred while she was serving Australia’s Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program. During one of the team’s visits to South Africa, Rebel Wilson suffered from malaria. She was later admitted and, in her drug, induced state, she dreamt of winning an acting award. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

After Rebel was well, Rebel joined the Australia Theater for Young People; this was the start of her amazing acting career. Rebel knew that she would act other roles; she never imagined comedy being her thing.

Once she figured that she could do more in comedy, she used it to her advantage.Rebel Wilson recently celebrated her birthday on March 2ND. Rebel just turned 39; several surprise activities marked her birthday. From her Instagram post Rebel had quite a lot of fun. She attended a baking program and introduced a new workout routine called catzercise.

Rebel Wilson is supposed to start in an upcoming movie. The film, Cats has scenes of Rebel and her acting crew dancing in cat outfits. Rebel posted videos of part of the dance routine on her Instagram page. From the scene she posted, Rebel and her pals are all wearing cat outfits. Rebel is specifically wearing a pink cat outfit with furry ears to attain the complete cat look.

Rebel later acknowledged the workout routine on Instagram indicating that it was the new way to getting the summer look. Rebel Wilson attended the baking lessons at Milk Bar. She learned to make cakes and even wet ahead to bake her birthday cake. Rebel is thankful to Milk Bar for the help and knowledge she has gained. Rebel also went ahead posted some of the actors and actresses present in the movie.

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Serge Belamant the Brains Behind Zilch Technology Limited

 Serge Belamant is the co-founder patent holder of the renowned Blockchain technology. He was born in the city of Tulle in France. At the age of 14 years, they moved to South Africa with his family. He later attended Witwatersrand University to study computer science and technology.

Serge Belamant has worked with a range of companies in different industries. His skillfulness and passion for developing financial transaction software has made him prominent, as well as bringing immense impact globally in the modern financial and banking sector. His first company was NET1 UEPS in 1989, and lately Zilch Company.

See more of Serge Belamant at

Serge Belamant, says that he makes his money by creating products that are useful and satisfy the diverse needs of people. He states that it took his business time before realizing its success; however, he holds no regret to the time taken as he associates it with learning lessons necessary for success. He further says he experienced doubt on his work to whether “it is worthwhile, or will it be successful?” But all these time he trusted his instincts and trust that he had in his work.

Having worked in many field and positions, he describes himself as his first customer, since he had to first buy the idea from himself before trying to convince someone else on the same. Serge Belamant, says his main marketing strategy over the years is word of mouth. Since the happy client will always share a good thing with their loved ones. He says, his hardest decision to make is the choice between two equally important options. He believes being a student of new ideas has progressively made him successful.

He holds that he is most fascinated by the trends in DNA analysis and believes that there is a lot more potential in this exploration. The book” Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, carries his day; he describes it as an artful book address many questions relating to social life. Buying his daughter some American Girl’s books stands to be his recent most fulfilling purchase. He ends by giving his favorite quote “it’s easy to see far when one stands on the shoulders of giants.”

Check out:–/salary/90428


That Which Sets Mark Holyoake Apart

Often, when people see the seafood industry taking off so strongly in Iceland and other neighboring countries. If you are totally out of the loop with the industry and its inner-workings, your confusion would make sense. However, those who are more familiar with it are aware that folks like Mark Holyoake have been making waves within the field for ages, and they do not appear to be going anywhere.

Mark Holyoake could tell you himself of the great talent that exists within his company that he recently acquired, Iceland Seafood International (or ISI). He has gone on record stating that the employees and clients he has the pleasure of working with within that industry are some of the very kindest and most genuine people that one would ever expect to find in the world of business. Among these individuals, you can find people who are so supportive of the efforts to improve the world’s state of starvation that they spend dozens of overtime hours working extra every fortnight, constantly focusing in on the smallest aspects of business that they might have overlooked.

With Holyoake, the small details are often what actually ends up mattering the most. The truth is, according to Holyoake, that when you are first exposed to a detail of life, you cannot truly discover what its significance is until you see the way things carry out. Situations are often like that, and when you enter the world of seafood business, you are only bound to find more examples of this. Folks who are hoping for a stable amount of employment opportunities coming their way ought to consider that no company is obligated to give them such an opportunity.

Furthermore, the prospect of stability within business is, in and of itself, a bit of a foolish desire. The entire interest and appeal in business is its volatility; anyone can become rich overnight if they make the right investments in the right companies. This is the view Mark Holyoake adapts when confronted with every single potential investment he could make throughout his career. With every important decision, he takes a long moment to consider that decision’s ramifications; this is what sets Holyoake apart from other businessmen.

To know more click: here.

Article Title: Announces Successful Results from Its AI Accelerator

Article Text:

After making news with a large network of active drone delivery solutions, is expanding its technological prowess by supporting artificial intelligence (AI) companies throughout China.

The ecommerce conglomerate, which is known for being one of the most technologically advanced corporations in China, is now using its stature to help newer players in the AI sector.

That comes in the form of its AI Accelerator program, through which the company finances and supports AI-based startups and companies.

While the program had only been announced in August 2018, it has made quite some waves due to the level of support that offers to its participants.

What Does the AI Accelerator Program Do?

The AI Accelerator program differs from its counterparts largely due to the number of resources that it provides to its participants.

Aside from financing, the program provides startups and new companies with access to utilize infrastructure. This includes support through APIs and databases as well as divisions including but not limited to marketing, legal, product, and management.

With these solutions, the participating companies have the resources they need to succeed without having to burn a hole in their pocket – or worry about spending funds that they cannot afford. As a result, the people involved with these companies can completely focus on the development of their solutions.

That is the reason why the program saw such as great level of success with its initial round of 16 participants. As announced by, over 80 percent of the participants in that round were able to successfully develop programs. These solutions are currently being used across an array of owned businesses and subsidiaries.

One of such solutions is a chatbot by Chinese startup FaGouGou. It uses an AI-based legal database that allows users to search through a vast variety of legal information through simple questions.

Vendors, suppliers, and entrepreneurs can simply seek answers to their legal queries by asking the bot direct questions, which are then answered in way as though the questioner was seeking an opinion from a human expert. The tool is already deployed and used in operations.

The AI Accelerator program is now entering its second round with 17 participating startups.

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” LumenXT Names Marc Beer as its New Chairman of the Board “

LumeNXT recently announced Marc Beer as the newly appointed Chairman of the Board. The company is privately-held and specializes in the development of a surgical illumination product line designed to enhance surgeries that have a minimally invasive approach. The focuses on pioneering the use of LED illumination for intracavity purposes, the company’s illumination platform being used as a mechanism in order to improve safety, efficiency and precision via enhanced visualization.


Surgeons who have used targeted illumination noted that this technology is able to enhance flexibility, precision and visualization during operations. The illumination platform offered by LumeNXT is used as a heat reduction mechanism, this being designed to improve low-cost disposable option, as well as surgical precision, as well as safety.


Marc Beer talked about his new role in the company, noting that he is proud to be working with LumeNXT’s group of surgeons and engineers, describing them as dedicated and accomplished, as they advanced the field of surgical illumination by using the company’s technology. The new Chairman of the Board also stated that he considers that the platform’s importance will increase, given that more surgeries get performed using minimally invasive approaches.


The company’s co-founder, Paul Rhyne, also commented on the appointment of Marc Beer as the Chairman of the Board, stating that he demonstrated high levels of success within the startup companies that he has guided through phases of growth. The co-founder went on to highlight the fact that Beer has experience in starting and guiding companies to profitability, noting that his experience is highly valued at LumeNXT, as the company is growing.


The new Chairman of the Board brings over 25 years of experience in development and commercialization areas in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology. Besides his new role at LumeNXT, Marc Beer is also the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Renovia, Inc. The company was founded in August of 2016, and specializes in discovering and delivering digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices to those suffering from pelvic floor disorders. Throughout his long career, beer held a number of roles in companies that are part of the healthcare sector.


In 2000, Beer took on the role of Founding Chief Executive Officer at ViaCell – a biotech company that was focusing on umbilical cord blood stem cells. His role lasted seven years, leading the company from its inception through a phase of rapid growth. Under his leadership, ViaCell had 300 employees, and went public in 2005. The company ended up being acquired afterwards by PerkinElmer, in 2007. Beer also played a role at Genzyme in the sales and marketing department, was part of the diagnostic divisions at Abbott Laboratories, and was a member of the Mass Life Science Board at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Learn more:

Sergey Petrossov and the JetSmarter Lifestyle

Lyft Just went public and over the next few years, more technology startups are expected to join Lyft, and more still are expected to rise and become the next generation of technology unicorns over the course of the next decade. JetSmarter just might be one of these startups. What is JetSmarter? It is an application founded by Sergey Petrossov.


Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter

The story of Sergey Petrossov is an interesting one. He was able to find himself on a private jet for the first time as a 21-year-old, not many people have had the opportunity to find themselves on a private jet, so you know that Sergey Petrossov has been living a different lifestyle.

Sergey Petrossov didn’t realize that almost a decade later he would be a proprietor of a private jet platform. He wouldn’t just get to go on private jets, he would also be the one who helps others access private jets in a straightforward manner. Sergey Petrossov is certainly an individual to know if one wanted more access to the skies in a more private and exclusive manner. Sergey Petrossov didn’t know that he would enter this world of private air travel and provide the service to a variety of people. It just sort of happened over time.

He’s been on quite a run lately and is expected to deploy more offerings over time via his service.

James Dondero’s Contribution to the Dallas Society

When it comes to making a significant impact in the world, very few people often make a difference by giving back to society. One of the very few people who has influenced the world with not only their finances, but also personality is James Dondero. He is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, which is located in Texas. He is not only a philanthropist; he is also a busy man with various responsibilities. Apart from employing the residents of Texas, he is generous, and this has made his community a beneficiary to his generosity. Visit to know more about him.

His energy and zeal help him take on a diverse array of projects. He has earned two separate degrees in finance and accounting. The degrees he has received have given him the ability to succeed in his career. It has also made him understand financial matters making it possible for him to grow and manage his company and contribute to the economy of Dallas. He started his career by working his way up from a standard job at JPMorgan Chase. He later went on to land a prestigious position at the American Express. In the period of his career, he was responsible for handling approximately $1 billion. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

He was later hired as the Chief executive officer of protective life’s GIC. With the use of his experience and natural talents, James Dondero helped grow the business into a massive $2 billion company. His hard work and determination made it possible for him to progress and start his company. The experience he had in his previous jobs helped him become the best business owner in Texas. Even though his day might not be average, James still manages to make time to help his community and contribute to various community programs. One of the projects was the reopening of the Dallas Zoo.